Boarding at Boothbay Canine

All of our boarded pups are assigned a cozy indoor kennel that includes elevated beds, soft blankets, gentle music and radiant heated floors. Each dog is given a good night treat and some tucking-in time with our staff right before bed.  We also welcome you bringing your pups favorite bed, one blanket and one chew toy. We do not need families to bring any food bowls or any additional toys and bones beyond the one allowed. These spaces have their own individual slide doors that exit out into a 4’x10’ exterior undercover run which protects your dog from sun and storm.  Included is unlimited supervised outdoor playtime with other well socialized pups.  During inclement weather days Boothbay Canine has a lounging futon, several indoor play and rest areas, raised beds, chew toys and a TV room to keep everyone occupied and comfortable

In order for us to feed your dog appropriately, a feeding schedule is required to accompany your pet upon drop off. Please bring all the necessary dog food for each of your dogs. 

You can also request an individualized trail stroll and smell excursion (30 minutes) for your best friend for a charge of only $10.  For pups that board longer than seven days it is important to stimulate their senses and to help stave off depression and grumpiness, therefore we recommend our individualized trail stroll and smell excursion every couple of days (individualized walk is $10).


We require that all Owners provide a certification from their Veterinarian that the following vaccinations have been met:

  • Canine Distemper/Parvovirus (DHPP)
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella ("Kennel Cough")

Further we require:

  • Current flea and tick preventative application
  • ALL Dogs must be neutered or spayed
  • All Puppies must be at least 6 months of age in order to attend Boothbay Canine

At each visit your dog(s) must be in good health and not be exhibiting any symptoms of "being under the weather" (e.g., coughing, runny eyes, diarrhea).  Any dog that is known to have a contagious illness, should NOT be brought to Boothbay Canine under any circumstances.

2020 Boarding Fees

The 2020 boarding fee is $35 per night (3pm to 10am).  Second dogs, in the same family, will receive a $5 discount when staying together in the same kennel suite.  

If your dog is picked up after 10 am a $15 daycare fee applies.

Individual Walk:  $10 per 30 mins

House Food:  $4 per meal

Late Pick-Up (after facility is closed): $30

Early Drop-Off (before 3 pm):  $15 

Late Pick-Up (after 10 am):  $15

*In the case of Holiday stays, a $50 per dog, non-refundable deposit is required to hold all reservations for boarding during these times.