Dog Daycare in Boothbay

We offer two inside, radiant heat, kennel-free play areas for large to medium dogs and small to medium dogs according to age and activity level.  All well socialized dogs are welcome, while unacceptable dogs are those that display aggression in the presence of toys, people or other dogs, excessively mount other dogs or excessively bark. We want all our customers and staff, both dog and human, to have a happy and pleasant experience whether they’ve come to work or play!

We have five large outside, fully gated play areas with sand piles, climbing rocks and kiddie pools for your dog’s enjoyment! Located under beautiful old apple trees our dog daycare in Boothbay, Maine is where your best friend can dig, run, play or lounge in the sun!

Another daycare feature we offer is our Senior Dog indoor accommodations equipped with lounging beds and a TV so the older dogs can just relax and enjoy their time without the struggle of being knocked down or tired out by the younger crowd.


We require that all Owners provide a certification from their Veterinarian that the following vaccinations have been met:

Vaccinations Required

Further we require:

  • Current flea and tick preventative application
  • All Dogs must be neutered or spayed
  • All Puppies must be at least 4 months of age in order to attend Boothbay Canine

Upon entrance at each visit all dogs must be in good health and not be exhibiting "being under the weather" (e.g., coughing, runny eyes, diarrhea, nasal discharge or known to have a contagious illness), should NOT be brought to Boothbay Canine.  

Prior to daycare a 'Meet & Greet' is required to get to know your dog, with and without you, in order to determine if your dog meets our Kennel standards.

To schedule a 'Meet & Greet' e-mail us at or call us at (207) 633-DOGS.

2019 Daycare Pricing

The 'Full Stretch' (over 8 hours): $30

The Full Day (8 hours): $25

The Half Day (up to 6 hours): $18

*Summer Drop-In Daycare: $25 when available.

**MUST present vaccination records and the completed Daycare and Boarding form when dropping  your pup off.