Grooming Services Now Available!

Bath time doesn't have to be difficult!  At Boothbay Canine we have a professional, stainless steel bath tub to make cleaning up your pup a breeze!  

We are offering the following Grooming Services by appointment on Tuesdays and Saturdays: 


**Dog Bath, Condition & Dry: Bathing services start at $20.

**Flea & Tick Bath, Condition & Dry:  Flea bath services start at $25. 

Dog Grooming:  Upon evaluation a rate will be set by BCDB Staff.  Our rate is derived for each individual dog based on size, matting, dog's temperament, length of coat and amount of time it takes to groom your pup to your liking.

The Face, Fanny and Feet Trim:  $20 and up

Nail Trimming:  $15

Nail Buffing:  $18

Brush Out:  $15 and up 

Ear Cleaning:  $12

**Price depends on the dog's size, amount of matting, dog's temperament, type of fur/hair, and/or length of fur/hair.