Medium to Large Pups

For the larger dogs we have a larger space! Excellent for medium to large dogs for getting a little rowdy or just bonding with like-sized and energy level friends! With a play station in every corner your pup with be able to rough around and have a wonderful time!

Small to Medium Pups

For those who don't feel like getting trampled this area is best suited for the vertically challenged! In the indoor space  there are toys and raised beds as well as constant access to fresh water.

Senior/Disabled Pup Spaces

The name says it all!  These spaces  are designed to best fit those who simply want to relax, grab a dog bed and snooze!  With radiant heat flooring these areas are a safe space for your elderly or disabled dog to simply chill.

Self Dog Wash & Grooming Room

Is your dog feeling down and dirty? Bring your best friend into the Groom Room for a wash and dry.  We have a stainless steel grooming tub and table so whether you choose to self wash or hand it over to the professionals, your dog will leave this room feeling fresh and clean!

Boarding Kennels and Outdoor Runs

Want to plan a sleepover?  Our overnight facilities are top notch! We provide each dog with a 4x6 kennel equipped with radiant heat and an exit to a secure private outdoor run.  Boarding dogs have access to extensive outdoor play areas.  At Boothbay Canine your dog spends their days with us outside co-mingling with like type/temperament dogs.

Outdoor Play and Exercise Areas

This is where your dog is going to want to be!  Our outdoor exercise areas come well equipped with sand play piles, climbing rocks, kiddie pools, dog toys, lounging platforms and shaded areas located under the oaks and the apple trees!